The ORA makes awards to pupils of Reading School and for purposes that will benefit pupils of Reading School.


The most important award category is the Enterprise Award programme. Awards for this year have just been selected.

Simrun Basuita, Alex Breton, Daniel Richman. Helium filled Baloon with on-board instrumentation. Category AA.

Timothy Glover. Missionary gap year. Category AA.

Arthur and Eddie Romano. Sailing. Category AA.

Tommy Brass. Cycling 280 miles from Cardiff to Dover for Charity. Category A.

Dominic Burrell. Interrail around Europe. Category A.

Graeme McEwen. Designing a small vehicle to be entered into a national competition. Category A.

Jack Moneim. Constructing an electric guitar from basic compnents. Category A.

David Munday, Tim Gibbs. Missionary work in Peru. Category A.

John Ralls. Equipping a Dance Studio for the school's club. Category A.

Ben and Alex Sutcliffe. Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in Canada. Category A.

Ed Wimble. Kayaking 3* Whitewater award. Category B.

Peter Swallow. Classics summer school. Category B-.

Charles Hindhaugh. Air Cadet exchange to belgium. Category C.

Samuel Molina. History summer school. Category C.


Having received enthusiastic applications, the ORA Council have also authorised a travel grant towards the summer 2010 Himalayas True Adventure trip for each of -

Bobby Archer, Tristan Fletcher, Matthew Halligan, James Lamming, Matt Mills, Toby Robinson, Steven Tilbury, John Tuggey, Ed Wimble.


We also accept donations of any size to facilitate awards.