Historic School Publications

Floreat Redingensis / School Newsletters

Old copies of the School Magazine Floreat Redingensis back to 2013 and School Newsletters back to 2011 can be accessed from the Reading School web site here.

The Old Redingensian

The table below provides access to PDF copies of The Old Redingensian magazine 2002 to 2013:

Year Spring Autumn
2002 View View
2003 View View
2004 View View
2005 View  
2006 View View
2007 View View
2008 View View
2009 View View
2010 View View
2011 View View
2012 View View
2013 View View

The School Magazine

The table below provides access to searchable PDF copies of the termly School Magazine 1961 to 1961:

Year January April September
1961 View View View